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Antonovich Furs


125 US Highway 46 West

Totowa, NJ  071512

Fur Coats in Totowa, New Jersey

Antonovich Furs in Totowa, New Jersey, offers the most stylish selection of affordable fur coats, leather accessories and apparel.

Stylish Accessories
At Antonovich Furs, we offer a wide variety of fur garments and leather accessories for you to choose from, including:

• Boots
• Purses
• Ear Muffs
• Hats
• Gloves
• Headbands
• Cuffs
• Wraps
• Stoles
• Capes

With our huge assortment of accessories, you can find a piece to highlight your favorite wardrobe staples. Furthermore, our affordable prices make it easy to create a new look every day of the week.

Fur Stole, Fur Coats in Paterson, NJ

Storage & Sales
To accommodate budget restrictions of every shopper and fur enthusiast, we offer a great selection of gently used fur coats, garments and leather pieces.  On our premise, we provide storage of today's hottest styles of furs and leather apparel.

Repairs & Re-Styling
For tears, rips or blemishes on fur and leather pieces, we offer provide a professional repair service. Furthermore, our extensive experience in working with high quality pieces has provided us with the ability to re-style any type of fur or leather apparel. With this, we can trim your fur or leather to display a new style so that you can keep up with today's latest fashion trends.

Interested in learning more about our fur garments? Contact us, today, in Paterson, New Jersey, to speak with a member of our team.